Hi.  I'm Meghan  


Longer format videos tell a story through different filming angles and personality.  This format shows more detail of what is being demonstrated and infuses personality so the viewer really gets the sense they are being taught by an in-person instructor.  These videos provide inspiration and education.


Quick style videos (typically less than 60 seconds) appeal to the mobile user who wants inspiration, but doesn't have the time to sit down and watch a full tutorial.  This format features quick shots of what is being demonstrated paired with up beat music.  These videos are used by companies to grow their engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


Branded videos focus on telling the brand's story by highlighting products and connecting with customers visually.  In a digital world, being able to connect with consumers who are not able to touch and feel products is important now more than ever.  This format stays on-brand to tell a story while showing how products work.  These videos are created for e-commerce companies to help grow their online presence and engage with their customers by bringing their products to life through video.


Facebook/Instagram Live connects with customers on a personal level.  These social platforms make it easy to chat, demonstrate, and educate all with a simple push of a button.  These videos not only grow social engagement and give customers/followers a place to interact and build community, but they also spotlight products, build excitement, and encourage viewers to purchase the products being demonstrated.